Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crafting Under the Influence: Post-mortem Report

C.U.I. has come out of its long hybernation and was a great success. We took over Boheme's Red Room.  

Boheme was lousy with drinks, mustaches, tamales, and cheese.  

Also, thanks to Cultured Cocktails, we learned about WHAM. 

Many patrons from the bar were drawn over to the Red Room by the mustache straw craft project, where they then put their newly crafted mustache straws to good use. And this is why crafting in public is so great. It can draw people in and fosters quick friendships.  

Lots of faces were finally put to emails, and future C.U.I. (and Etsy) collaborations were discussed.

There was a slight problem with the C.U.I. hostess and the infamous Korean auto-toilet. Toilet trauma ensued.

Be sure to join C.U.I. in December for the big holiday edition. More info soon...

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